Electrical Engineering and Power Engineering

The journal "Electrical Engineering and Power Engineering", abbreviated - «EE&PE», (Old Journal title: "Electrotechnics and Electroenergetics") has been published since 1999.

The journal was registered by the State Committee for  information policy, television and radio broadcasting of Ukraine in 29.01.2003. The journal has a State Registration Certificate of printed mass media (series КВ №6905).

The journal was founded by Zaporizhzhia National Technical University.

Periodicity:Since 1999 to 2017 two issues per year (the 1st issue in July, 2nd - in January). Since 2018 - four issues per year (1st issue in April, 2nd - in July, 3rd - in October, 4 th - in January). The license volume of journal's issues is up to 12 issues

Volume – up to 10 conventional printed sheets. Format 60x84/8. ISSN  1607-6761 (Print).   ISSN 2521-6244 (Online)

The journal is executed in black-and-whiteprinting, with no colour insets and no advertising.

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For article submission see INSTRUCTIONS FOR AUTHORS

 In accordance with the decision of the Presidium of All-Ukrainian certification commission dated 05.10.2000. Number 1-02/5, the journal "Electronics and electricity" (publishing since 1999) was included in the list of the scientific specialized periodicals of Ukraine where the results of dissertations for Ph. D and Sc. D in Technical Sciences may be published.

The articles, published in the journal, are abstracted in leading international and national abstractig journals and scientometric databases, and also placed to the digital archives and libraries with free on-line access, which are listed here.

The journal publishes scientific articles (works extensively covering a specific topic, idea, question and containing elements of their analysis) and reviews (works containing analysis and reasoned assessment of the author's original or published book) in English, Russian and Ukrainian languages.

Articles published and peer-reviewed free of charge. The fee for publication and peer review is not paid. Journal provides policy of free of charge on-line access for full-text publications.

Each article in the journal accompanied by the Digital Object Identifier DOI (Digital Object Identifier)

The journal allow the authors to hold the copyright without restrictions and to retain publishing rights without restrictions. The journal allow readers to read, download, copy, distribute, print, search, or link to the full texts of its articles. The journal allow reuse and remixing of its content, in accordance with a CC license СС-BY.

Submiting the article to the journal, authors hereby assume full responsibility for the copyright compliance of other individuals and organizations, the accuracy of citations, data and illustrations, nondisclosure of state and industrial secrets, express their consent to transfer for free to the publisher the right to publish, to translate into foreign languages, to store and to distribute the article materials in any form. Authors who have scientific degrees, submiting the article in the journal, thereby giving their consent to free act as reviewers of other authors articles at the request of the journal editor within the established deadlines.

The articles submited to the journal must be original, new and interesting to the reader audience of the journal, have reasonable motivation and aim, be previously unpublished and not be considered for publication in other journals. Articles should not contain trivial and obvious results, make unwarranted conclusions and repeat conclusions of already published studies.

All articles proposed for publication receive an objective review that evaluates substantially without regard to race, sex, religion, ethnic origin, nationality, or political philosophy of the author (s).

The journal consists of the following sections:

  • electrical engineering;
  • power engineering.



Journal issue's schedule for 2019

The journal issue's schedule  for 2019 has begun. We invite you to publish the materials of your scientific research. Oriented term of release: March-April (№1 2019), July-August (№2 2019), September-October (№ 3 2019), December-January (№ 4 2019)  
Posted: 2019-01-28
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