No 2 (2012)

Electrical Engineering and Power Engineering

Table of Contents


The influence of membership function’s parameters of fuzzy controller with formed unstable subsystem on example of two-mass electromechanical system PDF (Українська)
A. O. Lozynskiy, L. I. Demkiv 4-11
Research and optimization of device for finding defects of rotor winding of shirt-circuit asynchronous motor PDF (Русский)
J. N. Vaskovskiy, М. А. Kоvalenko 12-17
Laboratory bench of stepper motor control of SCADA system TRACE MODE PDF (Українська)
I. A. Orlovskiy, V. I. Bondarenko, I. A. Chernyaev, V. U. Andrienko 18-27
Determination of the maximum value of the switching frequency IGBT module PDF (Русский)
V. S. Ostrenko 28-33
Starter-generator at the onboard of mobile installations PDF (Русский)
S. A. Khanakhmedova 34-37
Determination of the parameters of two-mass thermal circuit of induction motors based on the results of experiment PDF (Русский)
A. M. Zuzev, V. P. Metelkov 37-41
The genetic program of the structural evolution of electric motors with a rolling rotor PDF (Русский)
V. F. Shynkarenko, V. V. Naniy, V. V. Kotlyarova, A. A. Dunev 42-48
Electrotechnical complex for temperature measurement plasma fluxes in the surface modification of the glass PDF (Русский)
I. V. Avdeyev, A. A. Shrum 49-51
Сalculation of charging device inductor of electrostatic varying-capacitance generator PDF (Русский)
I. G. Ignatiev 51-54


Identification of electrical parameters of powerful short-circuit laminated packs PDF (Русский)
D. S. Yarymbash, S. T. Yarymbash, I. M. Kylymnyk 55-61
Model for mains topology determination PDF (Українська)
A. P. Zabolotniy, D. V. Fedosha, V. S. Mambayeva 61-66
Modernization of the protection of an atomic power station auxiliaries of 0,4 kV voltage. PDF (Русский)
A. S. Kobozev, A. G. Sereda, L. B. Zhorniak, V. V. Morgun 66-72
Mathematical design of «removal-recovery» of voltage on current collector of direct current electric locomotives PDF (Українська)
P. Ye. Mihalichenko 73-79