No 2 (2011)

Electrical Engineering and Power Engineering

Table of Contents


Synthesis of mathematical model of two-mass electromechanical system with backlash in the form of modified recurrent neural network PDF (Українська)
I. A. Orlovskiy, I. V. Blokhin 4-15
Computer simulation of distributed magnetomotive forces in equivalent magnetoelectric circuits of electrotechnical complexes PDF (Русский)
S. M. Tykhovod, E. V. Vlasenko 15-22
Investigation of formation machanism of surface film on contacts of oil-filled switching devices PDF (Русский)
O. G. Volkova 22-25
Analysis and synthesis of regulator control system for dimmers PDF (Русский)
O. V. Bliznyakov, V. L. Mironchenko 25-30
Trajectory forming automation in experimental investigation of electromechanical systems PDF (Українська)
S. A. Buryan, V. Yu. Voroschenko, S. V. Korol, O. Yu. Savych, S.A. Smirnov 30-37
Taking into account the possibility of rolled strip breaking in simulation model of electric drives of two adjacent rolling mills of cold rolling train PDF (Русский)
E. S. Nazarova, A. V. Pirozhok, A. S. Nechpay, P. A. Podpruzhnikov 37-41
Modeling of thyristor converter start for turbogenerator excitation winding power supply PDF (Русский)
T. M. Kornus, S. M. Tykhovod 42-47
V. I. Gurevich 47-54
Modelling of optimum batching control in the multicomponent technological process of aerocrete preparation PDF (Русский)
E. M. Kulynych, V. V. Zinovkin 54-60


The influence of sliding contact speed on arc control process in average voltage circuit breakers contact gap PDF (Русский)
A. A. Hilyov, V. S. Mironov 61-63
Results of installation of 330 kV current transformers main insulation on-line monitoring system at «Dnepr-Donbass 330» substation PDF (Русский)
Mathematical model of glass surface ion-plasma modification PDF (Русский)
A. А. Shram 69-73