No 1 (2011)

Electrical Engineering and Power Engineering

Table of Contents


Review of works on dynamics of multimass uncertain electromechanical systems carried out in ZNTU electric drive department PDF (Русский)
E. M. Potapenko, A. E. Kazurova, A. V. Savranskaya 7-10
Optimal robust control of spacecraft with redundant electric motorsflywheels PDF (Русский)
S. G. Deev, E.M. Potapenko 11-18
Robust control system of armored vehicle armament guidance and stabilization PDF (Русский)
A. E. Kazurova, E. M. Potapenko 18-26
Electric drive of radar antenna rotation PDF (Русский)
E. V. Dushinova, E.M. Potapenko, S. G. Deev, O. E. Shibalkin, A. A. Shiyka 26-35
Static characteristics of electromechanical systems with quadratic activation function. Mathematical base PDF (Русский)
R. S. Volianskiy, O.V. Sadovoy 35-41
Control of coordinates electric drives based on the concept of inverse dynamics problems for minimization local functionals momentary values of energy PDF (Русский)
M. Ya. Ostroverkhov, M. P. Buryk 41-49
Synthesis of basic mathematical model in the form of modified recurrent neural network for electromechanical system with incompletely known structure PDF (Русский)
P. D. Andrienko, I. A Orlovsky, V. P. Metelsky 50-56
Multipurpose stand for MICROMASTER 440 electric drive remote control and its parameters monitoring PDF (Українська)
Yu O. Кrisan, M. Yu. Zaluzhny 56-59
Application of protection device in autotransformer high-voltage winding neutral for increasing the efficiency of single-phase short-circuit current limiting PDF (Українська)
N. V. Vyshnevsky, A.N. Andriyenko 60-63


Features of electrothermal conditions of main bus packets of AC graphitizing furnace sections PDF (Русский)
S. T. Yarymbash, I. M. Kylymnyk, D. S. Yarymbash 64-69
Modeling of electromechanical system of wind power station with aerodynamic multiplier in the mode of wind turbines speed stabilization PDF (Русский)
N. S. Golubenko, P. D. Andrienko, D.G. Alekseevskiy, I. Yu. Nemudriy 70-73
Energy and dynamic characteristics of conductor electrical explosion in liquid PDF (Українська)
A. V. Ershov, S. V. Loskutov, S. V. Seidametov, G. I. Kamel, I. M. Kotsur 74-77