V. I. Milykh, N. V. Polyakova


Principle and the numerical field analysis results of the different excitation modes and of the different types of the armature reaction of powerful turbogenerator are presented. A selection of the the magnetic field excitation factors in the idle mode, the rated load and short-circuit, as well as those specific modes that are characterized by longitudinal demagnetizing and magnetizing and more cross-reaction of the armature excitation of the magnetic field only the stator winding along the longitudinal and transverse axes of the rotor is shown. The principle, which allows by the results of the magnetic field calculation in each mode to determine the key electromagnetic values (magnetic flux and EMF) and the phase relationship between them and the currents is considered. The pictures of the magnetic fields are graphically presented in all modes, and the principle of the corresponding vector diagrams construction is also presented on the basis of calculation of these fields. In the original received vector diagrams it is possible to identify qualitatively and quantitatively the share and role of the magnetic field of the rotor and the stator magnetic field. The conducted research can be the basis for improving the system of study, analysis and design of turbogenerators and other electric machines because the considered method of analysis of magnetic fields is quite universal


turbogenerator; numerical-field analysis; magnetic fields; modes of excitation; types of the armature reaction; vector diagrams


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