V. V. Burlaka, S. V. Gulakov


A topology of inverter-type power supply with three-phase input and active power factor correction is presented. The power supply uses the direct conversion principle, which makes it possible to reduce the energy losses in the converter, and is based on a VIENNA Rectifier topology. The presented power supply provides galvanic isolation of the output by means of high frequency forward transformers replacing input inductors of a VIENNA topology. Secondary-side rectifiers are connected in series, which eliminates the output voltage ripple on the 6th harmonic of the mains frequency. Furthermore, forward transformers’ magnetization and leakage energy is also transferred to the output by means of a low-power auxiliary half-bridge converter. The proposed forward VIENNA-based converter shows higher power density compared to its flyback counterpart. However, due to high input current ripple, additional input filtering is mandatory.


power supply; power factor corrector; direct conversion; galvanic isolation


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