T. P. Pavlenko


The electrical contacts are the hard composition. The composition contains the porous matrix saturated with fusiblefiller. There is the change of the aggregate state composition when the current passes from the electric contacts. The fusible filler is melted under the influence of Joule’s heat. The electric contacts work as liquid metallic in such state. It is necessary to analyze the conductivity of contacts and change of their parameters in the contact area for the effective composition exposure of contacts. The article presents the transitional resistance in an area connections of contacts, the distribution of pores on their working surface and co-operation of hard phase matrix with filler by the mathematical model of contact conductivity. In a mathematical model the parameters liquid metallic bridge and probabilistic determination of numbers of such bridges on the working surface by contacts are examined. The new contact compositions are recommended to be used in the main contacts of circuits breakers with the large values of current, in the blocks with current limitation to 1000 A by circuits breakers and in contactors.


mathematical model; the electric contact; the contacts composition; the pressure of contacts; the transitional resistance; the circuit breaker


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