• A. F. Sinolitsyy SHEE «Kriviy Rig National University», Ukraine
  • V. A. Kolsun SHEE «Kriviy Rig National University», Ukraine
  • V. S. Kozlov SHEE «Kriviy Rig National University», Ukraine



energy-saving technologies, IRP p-q theory, active power filter, supply voltage unbalance


The articled is devoted to «p-q» instantaneous reactive power theory. Two facts of critics of this power theory is analyzed. The first critical fact is about wrong current compensation in case of active current filter which works in power net with unbalanced voltage. It was shown that coordinate transform matrixes don’t consist to zero sequence component that included to transform matrixes «artificially». The second critical fact describes wrong compensation when supply voltage consists of higher harmonics. This drawback is connected with inability of separate harmonics for compensation. Finally it was shown that devices based on IRP «p-q» theory perform criterion of uniform power consumption even if supply voltage is distorted or unbalanced.

Author Biographies

A. F. Sinolitsyy, SHEE «Kriviy Rig National University»

D. Sc. (Tech), Professor

V. A. Kolsun, SHEE «Kriviy Rig National University»

Ph.D. (Tech), Associate professor

V. S. Kozlov, SHEE «Kriviy Rig National University»



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Sinolitsyy, A. F., Kolsun, V. A., & Kozlov, V. S. (2013). IRP P-Q THEORY FOR ACTIVE POWER FILTERS. LIMITATION OF APPLICATION. Electrical Engineering and Power Engineering, (2), 34–39.