D. S. Yarymbash, O. M. Olejnikov


The methods of the electrical parameter identification of the butt end bus connections of graphitization furnace current feeders with side bus packets basing on the conjugate three-dimensional mathematical models of electromagnetic and electro-thermal processes are presented. The finite element methods of solving partial derivatives vector equations systems in three-dimensional domain are used. The temperature dependences of the electro-physical properties and thermo-physical properties of the active materials and the external bus surface conditions of natural convection and radiation heat transfer are taken into account. The high accuracy and computational efficiency numerical calculations by using variations of the finite elements densities in the computational domain are produced. The finite elements densities in the domains of the magnetic field concentration are increased. The basic and new designs of butt end bus systems of AC graphitization furnace are considered. The calculations of geometric parameters of the bus conductors by using the equality criterion of active loss densities are presented. The currents, voltage drops, current density, electrical losses densities, active and inductive resistance of bus of side bus packages, butt end bus connections and graphite feeders are identified. The energy efficiency of butt end graphitization furnace electrical connections of different numbers of parallel buses is analyzed. The technical decisions to reduce weight, active and reactive power losses of bus butt end connections are substantiated.


graphitization furnaces; current feeder; bus packages; electrical parameters identification; electromagnetic and electro-thermal processes; finite element density; energy efficiency; active and reactive power losses


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