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In the article the directions of the efficiency increase of the fundamentally new scheme of wind power equipment with an aerodynamic animation (WPE AAS) are reviewed, this scheme provides operation with network without frequency converters at variable speed wind turbine.
On simulation models, the dependences of the energy produced at different speeds of wind turbines depending on the speed of the wind flow are given.
It is shown that the use of auxiliary frequency converters with power up to 20 % of nominal allows to increase electricity production by 3 % to 10 % at the speed of the wind flow ≤5 m/S and by reducing the speed of the wind turbine in 2 times.
High efficiency is provided by series connection of the rectifier and the adjustment of excitation current of the generator.
For increasing the unit capacity of wind turbines WPE Aa to more than 1000 kW it is possible to use high-frequency inductor generators with a combined windings.
It is shown that the frequency of the generator 125 Hz approximately twice reduced the weight of the generator when saving power. The complex generator – FC provides increased efficiency by 1,6 % and 2,7 %.
The possibilities of inverters slave network (ISN) use in frequency converter with boost converters of voltage and standalone inverters are presented.
The developed recommendations on determination of the Converter parameters increase tension and requirements for internal resistance of the generator and power cables.
It is established that the use of multiphase ISN can significantly reduce the cost of powerful wind farms connected to the transmission line high voltage over 100 kV by reducing the installed power of shunt reactors.
To ensure electromagnetic compatibility with the network the guidance on the choice of schemes of multiphase frequency converters with ISN is given


wind power equipment; a wind animation; frequency converter; slave network inverter; standalone inverter; efficiency; electromagnetic compatibility


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