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Work is dedicated to a perspective of electrical power systems creation of the future. All modern strategic directions of generation sources development of the electrical power and power supply systems as a whole are in details considered. Special item in work is allocated to power supply systems of the Smart Grid conception with a big share of renewable energy sources, and also specificity of their realization in Ukraine. The project of educational scientific center «Smart Grid – DonNTU» constructed in Donetsk National Technical University in which the physical model of an «intellectual» power system is realized is considered. The power part of «Smart Grid – DonNTU» laboratory represents block structure in which in the blocks form such models are realized: physical model of a thermal power plant, a real solar power plant, wind turbines models, energy stores, reactive power compensators. The special bench for detailed studying of modern digital relay protection of the SiprotecTM series of Siemens® production is also realized. The physical model of the condensation turbine of a thermal power plant, and also models of wind-generating installations are executed by means of induction electrical motors with the short-circuited rotor, established on one shaft with generators of AC current. The solar power plant realized in laboratory, represents fifty five modern solar panels of the Ukrainian production with a total power of 10 kW. As model of hydrogen installation with hydrogen fuel cells in the project was accepted the educational station «Nexa® Lernsystem» with a rated power of 1,2 kW was created. This installation is equipped with necessary monitoring and optimization systems, and also built-in system of power management. At creation of laboratory installation the principle of maintenance in node constant value of reactive power due to use of dynamical reactive power compensators that will allow providing the maximum speed of the compensator is assumed as a basis and to increase its efficiency. By means of the PROFIBUS data bus all elements of physical model is integrated into the general control system of laboratory. In total this laboratory allows to model physically different normal, abnormal and emergency conditions of power supply systems of the Smart Grid conception work


intellectual electrical power system; physical model; renewable energy sources; the conception of Smart Grid; educational scientific center «Smart Grid – DonNTU»


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