V. A. Volkov, D. V. Dovbischuk


The analysis of the existing methods of the hydraulic units start in pump mode at pumped storage power plants (PSPP) is done. The introduction of the initial magnetic saturation of the synchronous motor and the implementation of automatic correction of the change rate of its frequency and the synchronous generator voltage improve frequency of starting method in hydro pump mode from a nearby hydroelectric unit operating in generator mode.
The general mathematical model of the improved method for starting the hydraulic unit makes possible the rotation of a conventional system of relative units in projections of generalized synchronous machine vectors on the orthogonal coordinate system axis focused on its magnetic field of the rotor. This general mathematical model contains mathematical model of synchronous generator, synchronous motor and control unit.
On the basis of this mathematical model the simulation (computer) model of the improved method for frequency start at hydro pump mode from a nearby hydroelectric unit is created. Through this simulation model the electromagnetic and mechanical processes of the method being applied to start hydraulic units installed on the PSP Kiev in Ukraine are investigated and evaluated


hydroelectric; start-up; the pump mode; automatic control system; modeling of electromechanical processes


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