• Y. V. Mastinovky Zaporozhye National Technical University, Ukraine



multilayer structures, magneto-thermo-elastic deformation, method of characteristics


Modern electrical machines and devices, power generation facilities operate under complex unsteady magnetothermoelastic loads. Development of new insulating and damping coatings structures, shielding used in various electrical equipment requires new mathematical models and calculation methods for engineering practice. In this paper we consider a two-layer structure consisting of two piecewise-homogeneous non-ferromagnetic materials, one or both of which are electro-conductive. Volume forces action caused by the electromagnetic field and thermo-mechanical impact on the structure boundary is simulated. The original system of equations to solve the problem under study includes Maxwell equations and the generalized Ohm’s law for the determination of the electromagnetic field, the Duhamel-Neumann law – for the elastic field and the generalized Fourier heat equation – for the temperature field. These equations form a closed system and are the fundamental equations of magneto-thermo-elasticity. It is assumed that the speed of heat propagation is finite, and the magnetic field is constant. Assumptions are introduced to simplify the coupled system of thermo-elastic equations. The problem is solved numerically in a one-dimensional formulation applying the method of characteristics. Coupling conditions and method of calculation of unknown quantities in the nodal points of the grid area at the interface between layers are indicated. The proposed method of numerical and analytical solutions of problems under consideration allows, without making significant changes in the design scheme, to conduct numerical experiments. Setting up various geometric and thermo-physical parameters, it is possible to identify areas prone to damages under specified loads

Author Biography

Y. V. Mastinovky, Zaporozhye National Technical University

PhD, Associate Professor


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