V.V Zinovkin, O.V. Blyzniakov


Purpose. To derive the relationships for calculating determination of equivalent quantities for electromagnetic field in massive ferrous bodies at strongly varying loads.

Methodology. We have applied methodological fundamentals of skin-effect theory for massive ferrous bodies combined with methods of mathematical physics as well as physical and computer simulation.

Findings. We have found the mathematical expressions for the equivalence ratios allowing calculate basic electromagnetic field quantities, such as magnetic flux and losses, in massive ferrous bodies under strongly varying loads. Their adequacy is confirmed by research on physical and computer models, as well as existing computational procedures of the additional losses in the massive units of energy-intensive electrical equipment for special purposes.

Originality. For the first time, we have established mathematical dependencies between skin losses and magnetic flux in massive ferrous body and total and individual harmonic distortion of periodically varying magnetic and electric fields. Found dependences are the basis for the development of refined computational procedures for determining the parameters of the electromagnetic field in massive ferromagnetic elements of electrical equipment under strongly-varying loads.

Practical value. The use of derived expressions for the equivalence ratios enable successfully solve the problems aimed to optimize constructive components when designing electrical equipment for supplying consumers with strongly-varying behavior of the load.


electromagnetic field; strongly-varying load; massive ferrous body; skin-effect; skin magnetic flux; skin losses; equivalence ratio; composition of high harmonics.

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