Purpose. Development of a mathematical model of an induction-dynamic drive of a switch with two coils, working with a bistable mechanism, which ensures the fixation of the instant-dynamic mechanism (IDM) in trajectory extreme positions of the contact system.

Methodology. The solution of the problems posed in the work was carried out using methods for calculating the electromagnetic field, finite elements, theoretical mechanics, and solving differential equations.

Findings. The mathematical model of quick-driving actuator as part of instant dynamic and bistable mechanism was developed. It was based on electrical circuit’s electromagnetic equations and kinematic movements of the switching mechanism. Advantage of the given model is possibility of a breaker drive dynamic analysis basing on data of a contact pressure, pretravel and snatch gap. Initial data of the model formulation were outer circuit inductance, resistance of coils, which calculated on conductor cross-section and coils configuration. Initial conditions corresponded by Dirichlet conditions. Mathematical model equations system was calculated in cylindrical coordinate system. Problem was solved with the help ComsolMultiphysics system. Motion of the IDM movement part was modeled by deformation of a computational grid. Spring force and stress in a bistable mechanism construction were determined by initial data of a contact pressure, pretravel and snatch gap. Graphs by calculation data are shown, which allow to analyze of springing elements chose and make necessary adjustments on design stage and debugging construction. Operation parameters of mechanism work on IDM switch on and switch off stages were calculated. Value of movement, motion speed of armature breaker, currents of accelerating and retarding coils, summed electromagnetic and opposite force were figured.

Originality. The mathematical model of quick-driving actuator as part of instant-dynamic and bistable mechanism was developed. The model contains equations of electromagnetic field and motion equation. The mathematical model describes properly of physical process and can be used for development and research a design of quick-driving actuator.

Practical value. It follows from the calculations that with the help of variants of calculations it is possible to obtain the required drive parameters: a) short switching-on time which allows avoiding contact bounce during switching; b) high initial speed, hole short time (less than 1 ms) of contacts opening and reduce dynamic force on actuator elements and contact system.


power circuit commutation; high-speed switch drive; induction-dynamic mechanism; bistable mechanism


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