A. P. Malyushevska, A. N. Yushchishina


The purpose of thе work is the research of deformation properties of polymeric films under the conditions that simulate the operation of electrical devices.

Research methods are the experimental ones with processing of results by means of mathematical statistics.

The obtained results display the peculiarities of the polymer films’ structure and allow us to predict the higher stability of the mechanical and electrical characteristics of the film impregnated dielectric systems based on smooth polypropylene film compared with other studied ones.

Scientific novelty. Fundamental difference of histograms of the implementation frequencies of the investigated films elongation at break is given. It allows to use the specified characteristic as the parameter that determines the presence or absence of the dense crystalline layer in the dielectric film in its initial state.

Practical significance. Method for the polymer films structure diagnosis in original state, based on the study of the film elongation at break, differs from the traditional one by simplicity of use along with high reproducibility of results and is promising for the incoming quality control implementation of polymer films during the manufacture of power capacitors.


polymer films; comparative elongation at rupture; film dielectric.


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